The UK brand Applied Nutrition is back with an all-new series of flavors for its premium whey isolate powered protein powder ISO-XP. The supplement comes with virtually no carbohydrates or fat, and around 23g of protein per serving.

ISO-XP does already have a lot of great tastes to choose from, with the new line of options bringing a whole lot more fun. Applied Nutrition’s latest effort is the ISO-XP Funky Flavors Series, made up of seven all-new options, each of which seems to be inspired by a popular candy bar or sweet treat. The Funky lineup includes Choco Honeycomb, the Smarties-like Choco Candies, Choco Caramel, the Bounty inspired Choco Coco, Choco Bueno, Choco Peanut, and Creme da la Egg similar to the classic Cadbury Creme Egg.

As delicious as all of the flavors sound in Applied Nutrition’s Funky Flavors Series, they all still keep with the ISO-XP theme of having less than a gram of carbohydrates and fat.

Iso-XP 1kg